METROMEX: Lessons for precipitation enhancement in the Midwest


  • Richard Semonin
  • Stanley Changnon Jr.



Weather Modification Research, Impacts of Human Activity


The evluation of 3-years of METROMEX field operations and data interpretation have resulted in valuable design information for  purposeful weather modification in the Midwest. The operational  experience gained in METROMEX has shown the efficacy of mid-cloud level seeding and the necessity for either two radar  systems or a sophisticated single system to serve the dual  purpose of evaluation and aircraft guidance. The interpretive  analyses for the establishment of the METROMEX precipitation  anomaly exemplify the wisdom of combinatorial evaluation of  statistical, physical and climatological data from surface and  airborne meteorological instruments and from other geophysical  observations related to precipitation modification. The sensitive  evaluation methodology developed for METROMEX is considered  directly applicable to future weather modification experiments in the Midwest.


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Semonin, R., & Changnon Jr., S. (1975). METROMEX: Lessons for precipitation enhancement in the Midwest. The Journal of Weather Modification, 7(1), 77–87.



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