A System of Hypotheses for Precipitation Management Today


  • Clement Todd U.S. Department the Interior
  • Wallace Howell U.S. Department the Interior




Evidence suggests that a given cloud-seeding treatment sometimes increases precipitation and sometimes decreases it. Despite many hints and suggestions, there is as yet no generally accepted theory to explain why this should be so or guide cloud seeders toward a more efficient practice. Until this situationis improved, the credibility of cloud seeding will remain low. In the study reported here, we seek to improve this situation by developing a system of physical expectations sufficiently generalized simplified explain and to tendencies toward increase or decrease in a wide variety weather of situations to help guide the and cloud seeder in the field. 


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Todd, C., & Howell, W. (1982). A System of Hypotheses for Precipitation Management Today. The Journal of Weather Modification, 14(1), 61–74. https://doi.org/10.54782/jwm.v14i1.70



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