Vertical distribution of IN and CCN in eastern Montana


  • J. McPartland
  • A. Super



Weather Modification Research


Field investigations associated with the High Plains Experiment  (HIPLEX) were initiated at the Northern High Plains site in Miles City, Montana, during 1975. As part of the program, a ground- based facility for measurement of background concentrations of ice nuclei (IN) and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) was established at Miles City airport. This was operated from mid- July to mid-September. No cloud seeding was conducted near the Miles City area during the summer, and the data collected are believed to be representative of natural near-surface background conditions. It was realized, however, that near- surface measurements of IN and CCN might not adequately represent concentrations available at levels of cloud formation. Summer cumulus cloud bases in the area average approximately 3,000 m (M.S.L.), while the surface elevation is 800 m. A series of aircraft sampling flights was initiated in an attempt to ascertain the adequacy of ground sampling for prediction of cloud base conditions.....


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McPartland, J., & Super, A. (1977). Vertical distribution of IN and CCN in eastern Montana. The Journal of Weather Modification, 9(1), 45–50.



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