Cloud and precipitation formation by refinery emissions


  • J. Robert Stinson



Impacts of Human Activity


On numerous occasions over the past four years precipitating  clouds originating from refinery emissions have been observed in the vicinity of California State College, Dominguez Hills. In two of  these instances, Mr. Clifford D. Brown, Campus Photographer of the college, has succeeded in producing photographic case studies of clouds originating at the refinery source and their down-cloud precipitation....The rapidity of rainfall response and the dark gray color of a major percentage of the refinery clouds is assumed to be due to large drop seeding with the refinery plume acting as the developer of the large water drops in the clouds and the rain. This theory is supported by observations of drizzle and larger size drops fal|ing from the plumes in cases where no related cloud was observed.




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Cloud and precipitation formation by refinery emissions. (1977). The Journal of Weather Modification, 9(1), 38-40.