Radar evaluation of the efect of Salt Seeding on Warm Maritime Cumulus Clouds


  • R. N. Chatterjee
  • A. S. Ramachandra Murty
  • K. N. Krishna
  • Bh. B. Ramana Murty


Weather Modification Research, Cloud and Precipitation Microphysics


The latent heat released due to massive salt seeding in the maritime atmosphere has been experimentally studied. From the experiments conducted during the summer monsoon of 1973, within 50 Km off the coast at Bombay, the effect of massive salt seeding on warm maritime cumulus clouds was investigated using radar observations.  The results showed increases in areal echo coverage, in vertical extent and also in echo intensity following the release of salt particles into the clouds. Since the data sample of the above study is very small, further experiments were undertaken in the same region during the summer monsoon of 1974.  In addition to the radar observations, in-cloud electrical and microphysical observations were made during these experiments. The results of the study are presented.








Technical Notes and Correspondence