Cloud Seeding Experiments on Warm Clouds in Pakistan


  • Qamar Z Chaudhry Pakistan Meteorological Department Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Muhammed M Munir Pakistan Meteorological Department Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Anjum Bari Pakistan Meteorological Department Islamabad, Pakistan


Cloud seeding experiments were conducted on warm clouds in Pakistan during the year 2000. This was the first full-fledged experimental activity taken up in Pakistan to augment precipitation through the cloud modification programme. The activity emerged as a consequence of the history’s worst drought in provinces in the southern half of the country in 1999-2000. Government of Pakistan immediately felt the need of combating this most crucial catastrophe and thought of taking up the project of artificial rainfall in the country particularly in the drought vulnerable areas. This paper will attempt to give a summary of the methodology adopted in the cloud modification experiments and the synoptic conditions under which the experiments were performed. What really was achieved out of these experiments, what were the limitations and problems and what should be the future strategies to improve the quality of such a work are the discussions contained in this study.




Technical Notes and Correspondence