Observations Carried Out in an Equatorial Forest after Silver Iodide Seedings from a Ground Generator


  • G.J.R. Baudet Laboratoire de Physique de l’Atmosphere Faculte des Sciences Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • J Dessens Centre de Recherches Atmospheriques Lannemezan, France
  • J.P. Lacaux Centre de Recherches Atmospheriques Lannemezan, France


Seeding experiments have been conducted at certain periods of the year since 1975 near the dam of Ayame, Ivory Coast, in order to increase the water supply of a small river, "La Bia", which flows for 220 km in a humid and dense forest. The region is hilly and covered with forest and cacao or coffee plantations. Silver iodide is daily released from a vortex generator at the time of cumulus convection during the dry season, generally from December to April. The seeding effects are discussed in the context of the climatological conditions of southern Ivory Coast by considering a numerical cloud model, the analysis of silver content in rain samples, and the map of isohyets.




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