A Kind of Seeding Agent for Drawing High Liquid Water Contents off Strong Convective Clouds: Reality or Not?


  • R Serpolay I.O.P.G. du Puy de Dôme Clermont-Ferrand


Laboratory experiments prove the existence of organic compounds (e.g. sodium alginate) easily coalescing with water droplets which, on impinging on their surface, are quickly taken in charge in the bulk by absorption. The growth of particles of such material by collision-coalescence in the liquid parts of a cloud results in large drops of viscous solution less sensitive to the breaking up process than water drops of same size. It is suggested to use this material pulverized to an appropriate size for seeding strong convective clouds in order to induce fastly inside them some modifications which are examined in details. The feasibility of such seedings is considered under several aspects (seeding vector, amounts to be used, etc ...).




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