Dynamic effect of salt seeding in warm cumulus clouds


  • A. Murty
  • A. Selvam
  • Bh. Murty




Weather Modification Research


Visual observations on clouds and measurements of cloud liquid water content and temperature were made during a warm cumulus cloud seeding experiment which is in progress at Poona. Such observations and measurements relating to 32 seeding traverses in six cloud complexes of different thickness  are presented and discussed.  Clouds of vertical thickness of 5,000 ft or more showed 1) rise in temperature of I to 2°C, 2) rise in liquid water content up to 2 grams per cubic meter and 3) growth by a few thousand feet in the vertical, before onset of  rain, following seeding. The above features appear to be due to  dynamic effect of salt seeding. These  are explained, qualitatively, based on the chain reaction process  involving condensation and updraft generation.


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Murty, A., Selvam, A., & Murty, B. (1975). Dynamic effect of salt seeding in warm cumulus clouds. The Journal of Weather Modification, 7(1), 31–43. https://doi.org/10.54782/jwm.v7i1.698



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