Storm Typing in Weather Modification Analysis


  • Jack F. Hannaford
  • John W. James



Storm typing techniques have proven useful in ongoing analysis and evaluation and refinement of two operational weather modification projects in California. A target-control analysis by storm event was used in conjunction with an index to "treatment effort" and a winter storm weather typing system based on information available from standard radiosonde data. Most California storms fall into six specific categories, with moderate southerly and moderate westerly storms representing over two-thirds of all observed storms. Analysis performed on these two storm types indicates that the impact of weather modification varies with storm type and location within the target area. The southerly events appeared to have the greatest potential for increased precipitation on each of the two projects when treated with a ground based generator network.


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Hannaford, J. F., & James, J. W. (1982). Storm Typing in Weather Modification Analysis. The Journal of Weather Modification, 14(1), 11–17.



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