On the environmental impact of Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide) used as a seeding agent in Weather Modification


  • Jack C. Norman


Impacts of Human Activity


On January 1978, a hearing was held by the Wisconsin State Assembly Agricluture Committee which considered a bill to prohibit weather modification in Wisconsin.  A statement was made during this hearing which suggested that if dry ice were to be used as a seeding agent in northeastern Wisconsin, it would have a detrimental effect on the health of at least one resident of that region....  The statement which suggests that using dry ice as a seeding agent would have an effect on people, even persons who are particularly sensitive to environmental changes, has no basis in fact.  In fact, holding one’s breath for a few seconds or breathing the air near a glass of soda pop or beer would have a much greater effect on carbon dioxide concentrations than clouds seeding with dry ice.








Technical Notes and Correspondence