Status of Weather Modification Regulation in California


  • Maurice Roos Department of Water Resources Sacramento, California



In 1984, a new California law on weather modification, AB 2576, was passed and signed by the Governor. The new law became effective on January 1, 1985, and essentially deregulates State Control of weather modification activities. Previous requirements of licenses for operators and permits for weather resources management projects were repealed. The only remaining requirements are Notices of Intention, some record keeping by operators, and a requirement for evaluation reports. The Notice insures that the public, the affected counties and the Department of Water Resources are notified before weather modification project activities commence. The new law does keep one important provision of the old law. This is that new water produced by weather modification activities shall, for the purpose of water rights determination, be considered as if it occurred as natural precipitation.


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Roos, M. (1985). Status of Weather Modification Regulation in California. The Journal of Weather Modification, 17(1), 71.



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