Preliminary Data on Reported Weather Modification Activities in the U.S. for CY 1985


  • Harold A Corzine National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Rockville, MD


Public Law 92-205, enacted in 1971, requires that all nonfederally sponsored attempts to modify the weather be reported to the Secretary of Commerce. Responsibility for administering the reporting program was delegated by the Secretary to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In 1973 Federal agencies agreed to report their weather modification activities to NOAA. Since then the reporting program files have become a unique source of information on weather modification projects undertaken in the United States and its territories. Timely reporting of activities supplies information that can be used to assess the possibility of harm to persons, property, or the environment, or of interference with federal or other research projects. The data are also used to show the trends in weather modification activity over the years and around the country.




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