Hail Suppression in Mendoza (Argentina)


  • J L Sánchez Lab. Física de la Atmόsfera Universidad de Leόn
  • J Dessens Centre de Recherches Atmospheriques Campistrous, France
  • Leonid Dinevich The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Petio Simeonov National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology




In the province of Mendoza (Argentina), the hail precipitation affects the agrarian production seriously, and causes substantial clamages to agriculturists. One of the main characteristics of the zone is that the most violent storms are those which originate after the sunset; it is relatively easy to find that the reflectivities measured by the radar reach values of over 65 dBZ. The authors of this article describe the history of hail suppression in Mendoza from the 1950s until today, especially emphasizing the techniques developed by Antigrad Latinoamericana, currently in charge of the hail suppression operations.


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Sánchez, J. L., Dessens, J., Dinevich, L., & Simeonov, P. (1998). Hail Suppression in Mendoza (Argentina). The Journal of Weather Modification, 30(1), 79–84. https://doi.org/10.54782/jwm.v30i1.470



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